It’s Summer! #75

This is a special summer issue that features the underworld of the Jubs. Did you know they live below the surface of Planet GLAK? This issue is packed with lots of fun that will help fill your summer hours with some interesting activities and reading!

In the last issue, Ninja Bob’s funeral was held, but surprisingly enough, appeared as an angel to Ninja Bob JR… what could be his message? What might he need his son to do? Find out! An animation clip of Ninja Bob will be posted on YouTube along with a brief description how it was created by a 2D animator!

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Spring Time! #74

We’re are now visiting the neighbourhood of Midtown. It’s a buzzing neighbourhood with lots going on! For example, when you visit the Midtown Public Library, you’ll get to read the youth stories about a sloth and another about a very unusual mummy roaming the town!

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It’s a New Year! #73

In the Wellington neighbourhood at Pete’s Pet Palace, there are two very interesting dogs you’ll get to meet. The first one is a super dog named Tetris! She has been specially trained to find bed bugs. Tetris and her handler work together to help families and businesses find and remove bed bugs. They keep very busy! Learn some very interesting facts about bed bugs and watch a video of Tetris on the job!

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Fab Fall ’20

Hello readers! It’s fall in the neighbourhood of Wellington, and readers will be entering Wellington Elementary to meet Mr. Jingles and be a part of his tech lab. And there is an earthling visiting the students via the classroom astrogazer! Find out who he is and what he did!

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Camp Galoopa ’20

Update for Timing: Camp Galoopa is back this summer! Due to COVID-19, delays are expected for mailing. But fingers crossed the delay isn’t too long with the readers needing extra activities this summer. Anticipated mail date: July 21st (please return for updates)

This issue is filled with extra activities and hands-on fun for readers heading to Camp Galoopa for a 7-day adventure in the mountains. Once the bus arrives to camp, the welcome station is there to check your registration and then assign youth to a cabin. Find out what is inside your Survival Fun Pack this year!

Day 2, you get to make a craft at the Moose Shelter, an idea that came from Ariela, Age 12. You’ll find a clip-off section that has a fruit game, and then check-off to see all the different coloured fruit you can eat this summer!

Day 3 is Camp Galoopa’s Spaghetti and Meatballs board game, followed by a dragon story read by the campfire the next day.

If you like sports, Day 6 divides campers to do soccer clinics with Rolando, Gustavo and Juan. Also, in the evening you’ll be trying out your dance moves on the stage after having some instruction by Aiden, Age 11.

And Ninja Bob is back for his next episode, this time readers will get to meet his kids. See what they’re up to.

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue (other than drawings on Oay’s page):
Saranya @ Sarvani (Age 9) letter and photo
Anika (Age 12) poem
Lucas (Age 12) poem
Ariela (Age 12) drawing & craft idea
Ivana (Age 12) true story
Lola (Age 12) true story
Mahya (Age 11) true story
Cassidy (Age 17) short story
Aiden (Age 11) dance write-up
Rolando (Age 15) sport write-up
Sam (Age 10) poem
Tvisha (Age 10) poem
Norah (Age 11) pet write-up
Graham (Age 11) fake news
Vincent (Age 10) fake news
Raghav (Age 12) poem
Ainsley (Age 12) poem
Julia (Age 11) poem
Grace (Age 8) poem

All this and much more in this exciting summer issue!

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Spring Dinger #70

Here’s a look of a little what you’ll find inside the SPRINGER DINGER issue! In the comic series, Ninja Bob shoots off on a rocket to escape The Forces of Frank, and before you know it, he’s got a group of aliens after him. Now, that’s a tough mission! How does he land in the hospital?!? You’ll soon find out!

The community of Wellington has an Art Gallery that is featuring the work of Albert! Come on in and see some of Albert’s paintings along with a few games and puzzles. With a click, you can see more of his work and his quick tips to painting yourself.

Head to the library as there are some new stories and poems by youth! You’ll find a poem about a speeding elephant, a story about a chicken name Chicken Strip (he’s got a problem or two) and a fun adventure called Saving Sushi!

There are two new mag hosts, Oasis and Adi, and this issue you get to learn more about them on Galaxy News.

All this and more in this upcoming spring issue of BAZOOF!

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Winter Wonder #69

HEY BAZOOFERS! Looking for what’s inside this next issue? Here’s a quick peek:

The Ninja Bob comic is getting more popular than ever and the writers and Darren, the illustrator, are adding some new angles in the design so it is even more fun to read and follow. For this episode, Ninja Bob is trying once again to free the agent from The Force of Frank. See what happens and look for a very big surprise near the end of the comic. You won’t see it coming! (But no flipping the page early!)

Fall Fun #68

Fall is just setting in the neighbourhood of Wellington. This is a new part of the city the readers are visiting, and you’ll be greeted by two new mag hosts Adi and Oasis, both Age 11! They are excited to meet you and venture this part of the city together!

Ninja Bob is on the cover, and rightfully so! He breaks into Evil HQ to try and rescue the captured agent. He is crawling through a vent when he hears a conversation. See what happens in this latest episode of this fun comic series based on grade-schoolers!

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Super Summer #67

Since the last issue, there have been lots of changes here at BAZOOF! The subscribe pages on the site are new and more user-friendly, plus now you have the option to order either a print or digital version of the magazine. Single copies of issues can now be ordered on the site at the SHOP menu. When the cover shows, that means it is available and ready to add to your cart.

It’s summertime in Bloomsbury and this issue is packed with some great summer fun, including the next exciting episode of Ninja Bob. He meets a new character who wears cowboy boots and rides a horse named Clip Clop! Find out what happens and why they become good friends!

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Spring Issue #66

The cherry blossoms in Bloomsbury tells us spring has arrived in the city! I hope you’ve got some time because there is LOTS to do!

How about starting with some motocross with Hayden on a few tracks. He was going to meet you at Cloud 9 Café to grab something to eat before heading out. He heard that their blueberry orange yogurt muffins was on the menu and wanted to try one! You’ll be able to make them yourself with step-by-step directions!

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