Driven by Passion

BAZOOF! is passionate about content that enriches the lives of children and families—for its own branded projects, along with custom services.


With 15-plus years experience producing children’s content, BAZOOF!’s creative engine works with marketing teams in developing special branded projects.

This includes Activity & Info Handouts, Fun Pads, Maps, Board Books, Hard & Soft-Covered Books, Board Games, Toys, Cards, Jig-Saw Puzzles and more. BAZOOF! handles all development, from background research, writing, design—right up to the delivery of these little gems. For information, please reach us here.

What’s BAZOOF! magazine?

Winner of Parents’ Choice Awards®, BAZOOF! is a health and creativity print publication with a digital option. It is set in a bustling city in outer space that readers visit as they turn the pages. Along with much fun and adventure, educates on nutrition, personal care, fitness, healthy lifestyles, character development, eco-education, STREAM topics—all in a creative and zany style! Filled with short stories, comics, recipes, puzzles, games, crafts, jokes, riddles, pet care, interviews, healthy snacks, sports, true stories, fun facts, prizes and more! BAZOOF! is a standard full-size publication with measurements of 8 inches wide and 11 inches in height. Enjoy a free look at topics covered here.

BAZOOF!’s Focus

BAZOOF’s content is dedicated to educate and empower youth, with a focus narrowed into a few key areas:

  • to encourage reading and learning
  • deepen understanding of good health in these growing years, leading to habits that can last a lifetime
  • inspire readers to develop the building blocks of a strong character
  • spark the endless creativity youth naturally have, encourage writing, give them opportunities to be published, and build self-confidence
  • STREAM learning to further explore interests, abilities, and prepare young minds for the future

What age is the magazine designed for?

BAZOOF! is suited for ages 7-12. Appeals to both girls and boys and works great shared between siblings.

When do the issues come out?

BAZOOF! is published quarterly, following the school year. To see the schedule, visit here.

What is the cost to purchase?

See pricing here.

Where can digital orders be placed?

BAZOOF! magazine is available both in print and digital download by subscribing here.

Why others have subscribed to BAZOOF! magazine

    • “I liked the magazine myself.”
    • “It looked like fun/cool for my kids.”
    • “My child wanted it.”
    • “I wanted my child to read more.”
    • “Looked like it had lots of things my kids would be interested in.”
    • “My child was interested in getting a magazine in the mail.”
    • “It is a gift that can be shared between siblings.”
    • “My child thought it looked really fun to read.”
    • “I wanted my students at school to read other types of material.”
    • “It sounded like good info for children and parents.”
    • “Looked informing and fun at the same time.”