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Shaping Tomorrow’s Creators

BAZOOF! shapes tomorrow’s readers, writers, creators and dreamers. It publishes youth work in the BAZOOF! Digi-Mag, Planet GLAK online platform, and the BAZOOF! blog for children 7-12 years.

BAZOOF!’s Focus

LAUGH – Enjoying the light side of life brings joy and balance. BAZOOF! loves lots of silly fun!
DISCOVER – The World of BAZOOF! is full of people and places. And through this imaginary world, readers are inspired to discover their abilities and interests.
GROW – BAZOOF! sets paving stones to spark learning that can help shape a child’s future, including topics on living a healthy lifestyle.

What’s BAZOOF! Digi-Mag?

BAZOOF! Digi-Mag is set in a bustling city in outer space. Filled with short stories written by youth, the Ninja Bob comic, recipes, science-related features, crafts, jokes, riddles, pet care, interviews, healthy snacks, sports, true stories, fun facts, prizes and more! Enjoy a free look at a few topics covered here.

  • Suited for ages 7-12; Appeals to both girls and boys and works great shared between siblings
  • Published quarterly following the school year; Visit the schedule here
  • Available to view or download as a PDF file; See pricing & subscription info here!

Planet GLAK

An online platform for readers to enjoy between the seasonal digi-mag. It is filled with youth work offering publishing opportunities for their age group. The Space Explorer level is free. See more information here!