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    How do I access my digital issues?

    All print subscribers receive a complimentary digital version as well. New subscribers can download the current digital issue immediately. Here is how you access it and future issues as well:

    1. On the BAZOOF! homepage, click on the SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES, then CUSTOMER CARE links found in the top right corner (purple button). The direct link is https://simplecirc.com/subscriber_login/bazoof.
    2. Enter your account number (found on the magazine label) and your five-digit zip code (US) or postal code (Canada). A diagram is displayed to assist you.
    3. Once logged in, on the right-hand side you'll see the blue link: VIEW DIGITAL ISSUES
    4. Click here to view or download your issues. If you'd like to receive an email notification that the next issue is available, please be sure an email address is on file in your account. You can add one if one is not displaying.

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    When does my subscription expire?

    You can find the expiry date on your magazine label, or visit the Customer Care link where you’ll be guided how to log into your subscriber account. Here is where you’ll be able to see your expiry date, suspend your order if you need to, along with other items to manage your account.  

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    I'm having trouble with your website. What should I do?

    If something you are trying to do is not working or if you found a possible error, please let us know. We'd appreciate knowing so we can fix it or make something work better for you.

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    I am returning to place another order. What do I do?

    If you've already placed a subscription order and would like to place a new one, fill out your information on the order pages the same way you did before.

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    How can I change my mailing address?

    Don't miss an issue! You can change your mailing address online by visiting the Customer Care link and logging into your account. Make sure you have both your old and new address handy. Please remember to allow at least four weeks for changes of address to take effect, as our mailing labels are printed several weeks before the issue is mailed.

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    I received a notice saying that I need to renew, but I already sent in my payment. What happened?

    Our renewal and invoices are generated about a week before they are mailed. With the delivery time, your payment or renewal order may cross our notice in the mail. However if you receive a second notice after payment, please let us know right away as your payment might not have reached us.

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    How do I renew my subscription?

    You can renew your subscription online through the Customer Care link. We start your next issue when the last one left off unless we didn't get your renewal notice in time before mailing. We recommend renewing four weeks in advance to ensure you don't miss an issue in between.

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    Can I purchase back issues?

    Yes. Some back issues are available for sale by visiting the Shop and selecting Back Issues. Contact Us if you are seeking bulk orders for discounted pricing.

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    My issue was damaged in the mail. What can I do?

    If your issue arrives damaged, call us toll-free at 1-877-762-9624 in the US or Canada and a customer service representative will be happy to replace it for you at no charge.

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    How do I give BAZOOF! my feedback?

    Comments and suggestions for BAZOOF! are given top priority and we hope you'll share them with us. Please note we don't keep regular business hours and you're not able to leave a message. If you can't reach us by phone, please contact us online. Thanks!

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    I have another question that is not listed here!

    If you do not find the answer to your question listed here, please contact us online or call Customer Service toll free at 1-877-762-9624 in the US and Canada.