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What’s inside?

It’s fall in the neighbourhood of Eze Valley! Oay has lots of new youth submissions to share and starts with two poems and an introduction to a cat named Poopy! Ava writes a poem about a student trying to rush to class, and Eliana’s poem reminds readers to look out for zombies.

In the Ninja Bob comic series, Ninja Bob and his son Junior decide they can’t eat sheep food, so they are anxiously looking for a way to escape THE SHEEP FORTRESS prison.

Mr. McMelon has MATH CLUB after school, and has given his students some puzzlers to do. Try out the easy one first, then take on the second one for a bigger challenge.

Freg has a popcorn recipe to try. The feature story next is about a young boy who finds a way to show his parents and family what is most important in his life. At the end of the story, you can print out a bear craft for an extra activity. All this and much more!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 3
Avyaan, Age 7 (letter), Suri Age 11 (letter)

Page 4
Victoria, Age 11 (poem); Eliana, Age 12 (poem)

Page 21
Jaycee, Age 12 (story)

Page 32
Drawings: Gabriella (Age 9), Sheylee (Age 10), Alexa (Age 7), Seryne (Age 12), Gavin (Age 6)

Page 33
Poems: Isbella (Age 12), Suri (Age 11), Avyaan (Age 7)

Page 34
Poems: Oliver (Age 10), Avyaan (Age 7), Eliana (Age 10)

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