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Melvin McMelon BAZOOF! #80

Issue #80 is heading to the printers and is scheduled to be mailed October 6th. A very special fall section is included in this issue, it has taken some time to prepare, but it will be well worth it! The readers are now entering the neighbourhood of Eze Valley and…
TeLeni Koochin
September 25, 2022

Great Black Liquid

by Leo, Age 12 It’s five or six in the morningSighs, yawns, and groans fill the airCar engines are running and droning During the morning commuteThe owner returns to the carwith a mug of coffeeSteaming with levels of heat on parto the heat of a toastyburning fire (more…)
TeLeni Koochin
September 2, 2022

Flexible Classroom Seating

by Audrey, Age 11 Imagine being a parent helper or a teacher and walking into the classroom to see kids having their heads on their desks, kids aren’t sitting up straight, and barely anyone is focusing. You wouldn’t want to see that now would you? This is why I believe…
TeLeni Koochin
August 3, 2022
B! Back Issues

Zooby Zoo BAZOOF! #79

Thanks for visiting the neighbourhood of Midtown in the space city of BAZOOF! In this issue of the magazine, you not only get to visit some very cool places, but you will spend time with Majo and learn about some of the animal friends. There's a zoo puzzle you can…
TeLeni Koochin
July 14, 2022

Hanging Out!

Looking for some ideas of what to do with your friends? Girls between the ages of 7-12 years told B! what they like to do or think is boring when they are ‘hanging out’ with their friends. Comments from girls Ages 11-12 are featured in the print version of BAZOOF!…
TeLeni Koochin
July 1, 2022