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Pixies, Bells & Ben!

BAZOOF! has been proud to focus its content on youth work since its first magazine in 2007. Children have so much to share, and it is always quite amazing what they come up with. (more…)
TeLeni Koochin
January 25, 2023
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Time Machine BAZOOF! #81

It's winter in Eze Valley! Ariela and Ezra are excited for you to see what's happening in the neighbourhood. Orkus is a dog who has survived being caught in a trap, learned how to live as a tripod, and travelled across the world to find a new home. Enjoy his…
TeLeni Koochin
December 12, 2022

My Muslim Life

by Abdulrahman, Age 12 I am not the person some people think I am. I can be thought of as a bad person because I am a Muslim. There are a lot of Muslims around the world. In fact, almost a quarter of the earth's population is Muslim, most living…
TeLeni Koochin
November 25, 2022

Sun Up Sun Down

Olivia, Age 13, shared photos of the sun rising and setting near her home. Nature has a way of helping us to pause and see the world and our day in a different way. (more…)
TeLeni Koochin
November 10, 2022

Halloween Tips

You know the rule about not taking candy from strangers? Well, that rule doesn't apply for the Halloween tradition. But remember, once trick or treating is over, it's right back to the following that rule again! Expect a "BOO!" Some people really like to have fun with kids when they…
TeLeni Koochin
October 25, 2022