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BAZOOF! Digi-Mag is ready after weeks of production setting it up in the new layout. It is specifically designed to be read on a tablet, but could also be enjoyed on a computer or other devise. It features page jumps, hyperlinks, interactive animation, sounds to click on, and some surprise sounds that will make you chuckle, so be sure your volume is turned on.

You’ll love how the design has transitioned over from print to digial-only. It will feel like BAZOOF! but has some fresh qualities and design that makes it unique as well.

So what’s inside?

Ezra and Ariela are excited to meet you in Eze Valley. They start off with some B! Mail where you can read a couple of poems. EARTH DAY is by Ava, Age 10, A DODGY DOGGY is by Hansa, Age 11, and BIRTHDAY GIRL is by Avyaan, Age 7.

Find a beautiful orange butterfly in the digi-mag after watching it fly across an opening page. Ninja Bob is back in action. Him and his son are in the SHEEP FORTRESS spaceship where they are put behind bars. But, it’s not all bad, or is it? They are served breakfast by Chef Shearly, but it’s not quite what they expected. Find out what happens!

Read the next three TRUE LITTLE STORIES. Back are the popular PET HOROSCOPES that are loads of fun. The theme this time is for your cat!

The main feature story is called MRS MELONHEAD’S ADVENTURES by Mia and Alessia, Age 9. It is full of silly fun and ends with a print-out activity so you can make your own fruit and veggie heads.

Cadence shares a delicious salad that is fun to make for the whole family. Step-by-step directions are given and photos so it can turn out great.

Fandango continues with his LAST LAUGH COMEDY SHOW, and you’ll love the art, poems, photos and more that was sent into Oay. All this and more!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 3
Lee, Age 11 (letter); Cadence, Age 10 (letter)

Page 4
Ava, Age 10 (poem); Hansa, Age 11 (poem)

Page 5
Noah, Age 10 (letter); Avyaan, Age 7 (poem)

Page 19
Mia & Alessia, Age 9 (story)

Page 25
Cadence, Age 10 (recipe)

Page 29
May, Age 10 (activity); Natalia, Age 10 (art)

Page 30
Nathanial, Age 12 (story)

Page 30
Noah, Age 10 (drawing & write-up); Peter, Age 9 (write-up); Liam, Age 9 (letter & write-up)

Page 31
Lee, Age 11 (letter, photo & poem); Gracelyn, Age 10 (photo), Evelyn, Age 11 (poem)