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The Animal Land and a Sparrow Digi-Mag is available to subscribers in their accounts. An email notification with information how to access it was sent. Another way is to go to the top menu on the HOMEPAGE > DIGI-MAG > CUSTOMER CARE > LOG IN or login here.

BAZOOF! Digi-Mag is specifically designed to be read on a tablet but could also be enjoyed on a computer or other device. It features sounds and interactive media, so be sure your volume is on!

What’s inside?

We’re enjoying a new neighbourhood in BAZOOF! It’s springtime in Bloomsbury with the cherry blossoms in full bloom!

At the Bloomsbury Community Centre, read true stories! One is about a not-so-good way to clean your bedroom. And another story about an annoying little brother.

In the Ninja Bob comic series, the Bobs do their best to escape The Evil Shepherd and his sheep force. They jump inside a hatch at the back of a mech and get to munch on some cookies. Find out what happens!

Cam the carrot is excited about getting you moving! Then, head to the Bloomsbury Library for a fairytale about Animal Land. Follow the clues in Sabrina’s story to help her and her sparrow solve a mystery that takes you to the Efil Tower.

Play an ocean game to remember what we can do to keep them clean and safe for marine life. Lots of youth submissions with poems, drawings and much more!

Here is the list of the youth who have submissions inside this BAZOOF! Digi-Mag:

Page 3
Ivy, Age 10 (letter); Aminata, Age 11 (letter)

Page 4
Mara, Age 8 (poem & letter); Evely, Age 11 (poem)

Page 5
Avyaan, Age 8 (poem); Cassie, Age 13 (poem); Jane, Age 12 (letter)

Page 17
Ivy, Age 10 (story)

Page 21
Sabrina, Age 11 (story)

Page 28
Jane, Age 12 (comment & poem)

Page 30
Ani, (joke)

Page 31
Wayne, Age 8 (comment & drawing)
Belle, Age 5 (drawings)

Page 32
Alissar, Age 11 (drawing); Olivia, Age 6 (joke & drawings); Aminata, Age 11 (poem)

Summer #87 Available June 1, 2024

The #87 summer BAZOOF! digi-mag is set to be ready June 1. Give the gift of reading that lasts all year! A 1-YEAR subscription immediately gives you four current digital issues of BAZOOF! or a 2-YEAR subscription gives you eight. Subscribe NOW!