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“I’ve created this editorial because I feel it is an important cause. I hope you feel it is as important as I do.” Faye, Age 11

Can you imagine a simple dress being like the ball gown you’ve wanted for your whole life? Dress a Girl Around The World is a nonprofit organization that asks people to make dresses for young girls in less fortunate countries.

This is an important cause because every girl deserves to feel beautiful. Also, most young girls in these countries have dresses made out of old, ripped, and stretched rags. It is amazing to create a dress while picturing a smile on someone else’s face. If you make a dress, be sure to use cotton, as most people wash clothes in a stream with rocks.


Hope 4 Women International has created this wonderful foundation because they dream for every girl to have at least one dress. I have started making a dress and hope to make many more. I find joy in giving, and I hope you do, too. If you visit Dress A Girl Around The World, you can find the pattern, rules, sizing chart, and other resources you would need to create a dress.

A few words from a dress recipient: “We can feel that you made the dresses with love because they are so pretty! They help us realize we have dignity and to know that God loves us! We want to know that we are worthy of love. Many of us are overlooked and often abused with no one to protect us.” After reading this, I hope you realize how happy a simple dress could make someone.

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