Winter #77

Wondering how the next issue of BAZOOF! magazine is coming along? Here’s a look at the cover that’s in progress. An updated version will be available soon!

If you are choosing a 1-YEAR subscription term, but would like a copy of BAZOOF! to put under the Christmas tree, we’ll send you a complimentary back issue ASAP. Just make a request at Otherwise, Issue #77 is set to be mailed December 23rd and will arrive sometime during the Christmas break or early in the New Year!

This winter issue takes readers to a special feature all about hurricanes. Read the journal of a youth and their experience living in a hurricane zone and how the community deals with these horrific storms.

Looking for some activities to do indoors where it’s warm? James has an easy craft you’ll enjoy that uses materials you can find around the house. It’s easy and let’s you use your imagination.

Ninja Bob JR is a few steps closer to bringing his Dad back, in the Ninja Bob hit comic series. He has a few helpers, can you guess who that might be?

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