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BAZOOF! offers unique tools that can take student learning to a whole new level. A few approaches could be 1) Prepare and submit a class project where the students work together or 2) Prepare small group or individual projects where a few are selected to be submitted—with a way to celebrate all their hard work. BAZOOF! has worked with teachers and librarians since its early beginnings in 2007. Look at a sample of youth contributions and topics covered in BAZOOF!’s Digi-Mag.

“It's been an absolute pleasure working with the team at BAZOOF! My fourth and fifth-grade library patrons have had their poems, artwork, articles, photos, and jokes featured. Along the way to becoming published authors, illustrators, and photographers, they learned about the submission process, following guidelines, uploading files, making requested edits, and checking professional proofs. Their hard work paid off with their first bylines! Our school staff, students, and families were incredibly impressed. Thanks for inspiring and encouraging their dreams, BAZOOF!”

Donna Merritt, school librarianConnecticut, USA

Why use BAZOOF!
in your classroom?

Youth Submissions

BAZOOF! empowers kids with confidence by publishing youth submissions and comments from around the globe. Share student success with parents and the school, creating an experience they’ll long remember and build from.

BAZOOF! Digi-Mag

BAZOOF! Digi-Mag provides an inspiring opportunity for young writers to share their work and ideas with other youth. For accepted submissions, guidance is provided if further information is needed. Otherwise, it is polished and prepared for an opening as early as possible.

Planet GLAK as a Tool

Planet GLAK adds an additional publishing platform for youth work. Find poetry, stories, comics, science projects, recipes, crafts, art, book reviews, write-ups and more. It is presently FREE to enjoy with a class or student membership to receive update notifications.

Podcast by Gareth the Platypus

Enjoy Gareth’s latest podcast with your students as he travels the world. Take on his challenge to extend the learning. If you have a topic you’d love him to cover, submit it here and have your students participate in an upcoming episode.

Themes to match your curriculum

Along with the fun, specific articles and features can stimulate a class discussion covering topics such as nutrition, exercise, personal care, being eco-friendly, honesty, self-esteem, gratitude, kindness, service, peer pressure, bullying, respect, online safety, leadership and more. Best suited for Grades 2 to 6. Here are some samples of content that can spark discussion:

Intergalactic Health Center

Readers enjoy check-ups with Nurse Sniggles at the Intergalactic Health Centre. Here, they learn about healthy lifestyles and how their body works through activities and fun facts.


Jerry’s Underground Gym

Jerry takes the readers through a fun workout that will not only get them laughing, but help them see how fun exercise can be and how good it feels.


Freg’s Snack Shack

A great discussion article to remind youth of the snacks they should eat most often. The recipes provide activities that extend off the page and share with their families at home.


Go! Green

BAZOOF! educates its readers about the environment to make the world a better place now and in the future. This article presents eco-learning in a fun and engaging way that sharpens a reader’s understanding and habits.


True Little Stories by You & Me

This feature favourite in the digi-mag is where parents, teachers, and youth share true stories about their growing-up years. They relate experiences that taught them a lesson or made a positive impact in their lives.