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Gareth the Platypus’ web feet pitter-patter around the globe on adventures like no other. He explores the ocean, the North Pole, the Amazon jungle and more. This is where he puts his podcasts together so that his listeners can be a part of everything he discovers. At the end of each podcast, he shares a challenge to take things one step further. Enjoy!

Do Elephants Secretly Sing Opera to Communicate?

A Visit to Sally the Sloth

Interview with Count Dracula Himself!

Jump On the Zodiac and do Some Whale Watching

Fly with Gareth and Jake in the Arctic to search for polar bears!

Gareth shares stories about some famous super dogs!

Gareth the Platypus was listening in on Mr. Jingles’ Tech Lab and decided he was ready to record his first podcast on the topic of computers.

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