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Going back to 2007, BAZOOF! started out as ZAMOOF! after a swirl of ideas landed on paper. A publication was born with a mission to educate youth on health and character development and celebrate their endless creativity.

In spring 2013, the publication took on the space theme, introducing Planet GLAK. Readers could now visit a space city with schools, libraries, post offices, community centres, pet stores, restaurants, art galleries, parks, and more. In the fall of 2015, the publication’s title and city’s name changed to BAZOOF! to inch it closer up the alphabet. By the end of 2017, the underground community of creatures living below the space city, known as ABAJUB, began to take shape.

In Fall 2020, the content took a leap, adding videos, a podcast, online content, and print-out activity pages. In Spring 2022, the online platform Planet GLAK offered on- and off-screen activities and opened up more publishing opportunities for youth.

In 2024, BAZOOF! Creative developed to further share the magic of creativity to families. The brand is backed by a passionate production team that hangout at BAZOOF! Headquarters with one foot in the world of being a kid!

Laugh. Discover. Grow.