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ZAMOOF! launched in 2007 by Dream Wave Publishing Inc. after a swirl of ideas landed on paper, and the gears began to turn. Its mission was to educate youth on health, character development, and celebrate their endless creativity.

Winter 2011 (Issue #29), the magazine switched from digest to a larger format still enjoyed today. Spring 2013 (Issue #37), the publication’s title became the name of a metropolis on Planet GLAK. The city of BAZOOF! was built with schools, libraries, post offices, community centres, pet stores, restaurants, art galleries, parks and more. The humans, aliens and animals that inhabit it experience the same season as Earth, inviting readers to be a part of life there.

Fall 2015 (Issue #51), the publication’s title and name of the city changed to BAZOOF! to inch it closer to the front of the alphabet. At the end of 2017, the underground community of creatures living below the city called ABAJUB, began to be developed.

Fall 2020 (Issue #72), the content leaped adding videos, a podcast, online content, print-out activity pages, along with some unique features focused on STREAM learning.

Spring 2022, Planet GLAK is born. It’s an online platform where users explore its cities and neighbourhoods between the seasonal issues of BAZOOF! Magazine. It offers on and off-screen activities allowing the user to explore their interests and have their work published.

Late spring 2022, a new digital platform is developed to extend the reach of the digital version of the publication further into the global playfield.

Summer of 2022, BAZOOF! Creative launches its services, working alongside marketing teams to provide customized products for companies who have a story to share and looking to grow.

The brand is backed by a dedicated and talented production team that hangout at BAZOOF! Headquarters to contribute their part, keeping one foot in the world of being a kid!

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