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The Aye, Aye, Matey! Digi-Mag #87 is available to subscribers in their accounts. An email notification with information how to access it has been sent. Another way to access your account is to go to the top menu on the HOMEPAGE > DIGI-MAG > CUSTOMER CARE > LOG IN or login here. Single copies are also available here:

BAZOOF! Digi-Mag is specifically designed to be read on a tablet but could also be enjoyed on a computer or other device. It features sounds and interactive media, so be sure your volume is on!

What’s inside?

This summer issue of the digi-mag has pirate story, written by Jessica, Age 10. It will take you out on a sea adventure with Jem and his dad. There are puzzles and games that follow to add to the fun with an option to print them out if you choose.

You’ll love all the poetry, art and baseball write-up from kids like you! For the true stories, find out what happens to Kari when she accidentally uses the wrong spray on her hair!

For the Ninja Bob Comic series, now that the Bob’s are at the mech’s controls, what will they do? How are they going to escape? The sheep are busy eating cookies in the kitchen with the chef, but they’ll need to think of something fast.

Make a banana split for the family. Freg is serving them up in his Snack Shack and he’ll show you how. The Pet Horoscopes is back and this time it is about your pet fish!

Travel to India and meet Ankita who loves to write. How did she start her passion to observe the situations around her and write about them? Enjoy her interview. And don’t miss the slideshow to see more of her country.

All this and much more in this very summery-fun issue of BAZOOF! Digi-Mag.

Here is the list of the youth who have submissions inside this BAZOOF! Digi-Mag:

Page 3
Oliver, Age 10 (letter); Cirocco, Age 9 (letter)

Page 4
Avyaan, Age 8 (poems); Ivy, Age 10 (letter); Catherine, Age 11 (letter)

Page 5
Catherine, Age 11 (poem)

Page 18
Jessica, Age 10 (story)

Page 31
Cirocco, Age 9 (comic), Wayne, Age 8 (drawing), Belle, Age 5 (drawing & comment)

Page 32
Maya, Age 8 (painting & poem), Avyaan, Age 8 (drawing & write-up), Kassidy, Age 11 (drawing & poem)

Page 33
Oliver, Age 10 (write-up)

Fall #88 Available September 1, 2024

The #88 fall BAZOOF! digi-mag is set to be ready September 1. Give the gift of reading that lasts all year! A 1-YEAR subscription immediately gives you four current digital issues of BAZOOF! or a 2-YEAR subscription gives you eight. Subscribe NOW!