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Fall is here, and we’re off to the neighbourhood of Eze Valley. In this special section called BONUS BLAST, the readers enter the classroom of Mr. Melvin McMelon. Meet Rig Rog, Sneezle, Bellaboo, Cluckaluck, Fritz and Griffmo. In class today, they are learning a lot of interesting facts about the apple. Read a true story about how the McIntosh apple came to exist.

Accidents can sometimes bring wonderful things into the world! Enjoy some fun puzzles and games and much more. Close to the end of school, the students walk over to The Historic Museum of Wax. Find out what they see there.

Ninja Bob JR has finally completed what he needed to do to bring his father back. What will happen next? Read an exciting story about a brother and sister with five elephants. It is written by Ariela, Age 11, who is presently a maghost of BAZOOF! All this and much more!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 6
Pearly, Age 9 (letter); Leandra, Age 13 (letter); Christopher, Age 12 (poem & letter)

Page 7
Suri, Age 10 (letter)

Page 20
Jacob, Age 12 (story)

Page 24 & 25
Minghan, Age 11 (true stories)

Page 26 & 27
Ariela, Age 12 (story)

Page 28 & 29
Minghan, Age 11 (true story)

Page 30
Drawings: Crosby (Age 7)
Poems: Isabelle (Age 11), Romi (Age 11), Winter (Age 12), Pearly (Age 9)
Painting: Suri (Age 10)

Page 31
Drawings: Cooper (Age 10), Ariela (Age 12), Shem (Age 6)
Interview: Cooper (Age 10)
Poems: Christopher (Age 12), Leandra (Age 13),

Winter #81 Out in December!

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