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Thanks for visiting the neighbourhood of Midtown in the space city of BAZOOF!

In this issue of the magazine, you not only get to visit some very cool places, but you will spend time with Majo and learn about some of her animal friends. There’s a zoo puzzle you can do, so try your knowledge as a Junior Zoologist. Follow the numbered questions and learn even more about all the interesting animals in Majo’s Zoo.

By visiting Midtown Public Elementary School, you’ll read two youth stories. One is a fable that written by Harini, Age 12, and her father that came from doing stories at bedtime. The other story is by a Grade 5 class about three friends that win a free tropical cruise⁠—but something happens they aren’t prepared for!

In the secret agent comic series, Ninja Bob Junior is at Evil HQ trying to give a slap to Frank so that he can bring his Dad back. Unfortunately, he is not only dealing with Frank and all his tricks, but the Force of Frank too! It’s not easy being the kid to a secret agent! But two little furry friends are watching what’s going on and coming up with a plan! See what happens!

Learn all about the new online platform called Planet GLAK. Something new to enjoy while you’re waiting for this next issue to arrive. See the intro here!

All this and much more in this next exciting issue of BAZOOF!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 2
Mena, Age 9 (photo)

Page 6
Harper, Age 11 (letter); Harini, Age 12 (letter); Jake, Age 12 (letter & poem)

Page 7
Rivers, Age 12 (letter); Arianna, Age 12 (letter & poem); Giovanni, Age 12 (poem)

Page 14
Laura Osorio, Age 16 (true story)

Page 24-25
Harini, Age 12 and her father (story)

Page 26-27
Grade 5 class (story)

Page 28-29
Amanda Dominguez, Age 17 (true story)

Page 30
Drawings: Ariela (Age 11), Ellen Romero (Age 16)
Poems: Rivers (Age 12), Harper (Age 11)
Photos: Julia (Age 11) & Tsega (Age 8)

Page 31
Drawings: Ellen Romero (Age 16)
Poems: Camila (Age 12), Giovanni (Age 12)
Comments: Starr, Julia, Jennifer, Hope

Page 34
Jokes: Aadhya (Age 8), Adria (Age 8)

Fall #80 is Mailed and released September 26th!

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