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It’s springtime in Midtown and the neighbourhood is buzzing with activity! The special feature this issue, readers head to the Fast-Track Space Academy for their best chance at applying to become an astronaut. Will they be selected? See the accompanying video here.

To prepare, they need to build their skills in a number of areas such as good judgment, trust-worthy, good team player, and more to give them their best chance. If they make it into the academy, they go on special missions, research and projects that will prepare them for their first real adventures in outer space!

At Midtown Public School, read a story, by Sophia Age 10, about a robot that starts off in a high-tech secret lab. You’re going to LOVE it!

In the Ninja Bob comic series, Ninja Bob Junior is desperately trying to bring his father back to earth by meeting his Dad’s request. Frank does not make it easy.

Learn all about the new online platform called Planet GLAK. Something new to enjoy while you’re waiting for this next issue to arrive. See it here! Since this issue has a lot about outer space included…. let’s keep going! Readers also visit Café Délicieux in Midtown and enjoy some alien muffins that are healthy and fun to make!

All this and more!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 6
Kei’ Anni, Age 10 (letter & drawing); Laine, Age 11 (letter); James, Age 12 (letter); Raul, Age 12 (poem); Sarvani, Age 11 (painting)

Page 7
Celeste, Age 13 (letter); Sophia, Age 10 (letter); Jacob, Age 11 (poem); Kodiak, Age 9 (drawing); Saranya, Age 11 (painting); Sanketh, Age 7 (drawing)

Page 17
Gavin, Age 14 (article)

Page 18
Celeste, Age 13 (true story)

Page 19
Jacky Boy, Age 8 (true story)

Page 22-23
Sophia, Age 10 (story)

Page 24-25
Ms Sherwood’s Grade 2/3 Class (story)

Page 30
Drawings: Adria (Age 8), Leandra (Age 13), Evie (Age 8), Camden (Age 8), Aadhya (Age 8)
Poems: Laine (Age 11)
Fun Facts: Kavya (Age 12)

Page 31
Heart Drawings & Letters: School class that delivered them to a senior’s home
Poems: Andy (Age 12), Ella (Age 11), James (Age 12)