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It’s winter in Eze Valley! Ariela and Ezra are excited for you to see what’s happening in the neighbourhood.

Orkus is a dog who has survived being caught in a trap, learned how to live as a tripod, and travelled across the world to find a new home. Enjoy his story in the Petpal feature of the magazine.

For the comic series, Ninja Bob and Ninja Bob Junior are face-to-face with an unusual herd of sheep. Why did they suddenly stand on their hind legs? What are they up to? Ninja Bob is trying to figure that out as Ninja Bob Junior is in for a wrestle.

Freg has a new smoothie recipe for you to try in his Snack Shack, submitted by Ava, Age 11. Young writers from the Eze Valley Public Library have two stories for you. First, go under the water for the story about a girl torn between not wanting to follow her parent’s living in a submarine and doing her own thing. Written by Sofie, Age 12. Also, get caught in time when an inventor thinks he’s going to 1955 and ends up in 2055, written by Nathaniel, Age 12.

Have you ever wanted to dress up as a pixie and chase bell ringers around in your neighbourhood?!? That’s exactly what children get to do in the village of Ottery St Mary in London. That’s where Ben, Age 9, lives and he’ll be sharing what other traditions he enjoys in IT HAPPENED TO ME!

What’s coral bleaching? Learn what it is and how it needs global attention. What can you do about it? Inspired by written work from Janie, Age 13. All this and much more in this next issue of BAZOOF!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 6
Harper, Age 6 (letter); Ava, Age 11 (letter); Savanna, Age 13 (poem)

Page 7
Ben, Age 9 (letter); Khyati, Age 12 (poem)

Page 13
Ava, Age 11 (recipe)

Page 14 & 15
Mercedes (true story)

Page 20
Janie, Age 13 (article)

Page 22 & 23
Sofie, Age 12 (story)

Page 24 & 25
Nathanial, Age 12 (story)

Page 28 & 29
Drawings: Jiaan (Age 7), Madani (Age 10), Candace (Age 8), Zara (Age 9), Luqman (Age 7), Ariana (Age 5), Ruwaiz (Age 7), Trishaan (Age 6), Tessa (Age 12)
Poems: Rivers (Age 12), Giovanni (Age 12), Reagan (Age 12), Romi (Age 11)
Photos: Tess (Age 3), Norah (Age 5), Crosby (Age 7), Laynee (Age 4), Robbie (Age 5), Izzy (Age 3)

Page 30 & 31
Ben, Age 9 (true story)