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Hi, I’m Hayden! My Dad, brothers and I all belong to a local dirt biking club near our home. Here are more photos and some video clips that go with the feature in BAZOOF! #66 starting on Page 18.

I started to learn the sport when I was 5 years old.
This a photo taken of us a few years ago. My brothers from left to right are Denam (Age 5), Crue (Age 7), Rylan (Age 9), and myself when I was 11 years old

We primarily do motocross and when we go camping in the mountains, we will do cross country riding or single track. Every once in a while we will also do some indoor arena cross races.

Jumps can be intimidating. Some riders can be scared to hit them, but if you keep practicing you’ll gradually get better and better.
I’ve been #91 for quite a few years now. Everyone has a number and it is used for tracking when we are participating in races.
Finally did it!!! Yaaaah!

What sport do you enjoy?

Whether you play on a team or other type of recreation, we’d like to hear about it. You could send it to B! by visiting submit.

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