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When you first started to read this story, you were probably curious what these bugs were about. Did you imagine that a fun cruise with friends could turn out so horrible? Luckily, things worked out in the end.

Here are some writing activities to do with the story STRANDED found on Pages 26 & 27 of the Zooby Zoo issue of BAZOOF!

  1. Why did the ship come back to get Adam, Lilly, Charlie and Charlotte? Did they realize after departing that they were missing four people? The writiers didn’t explain that in the story, so perhaps you could write down what you think took place.
  2. What if the boat never came back? Who else might find them? Write down an alternate ending going in that direction.
  3. How would the story go if they stayed on the island for many years? How would they take care of themselves? How did they eventually find their way back home? Write down an alternate ending going in that direction.

Send in Your Writing!

You can even send your writing activity to B! and share it with other readers. Send it here!