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These print-outs are designed to save ink and extend the activities and fun beyond the pages of the It’s A New Year #73 Issue of BAZOOF! If the magazine has come from a library, it allows the reader to enjoy the game without marking the copy. Print, enjoy and share! Any questions, email

Bed Bug Colouring Activity (page 8)
This page could be coloured, used as a poster, and placed on your fridge as a reminder to your family to watch out and prevent bed bugs in your home! You could even try to colour it as it appears in the magazine! Have fun!

The Princess & the Pie Colouring (pages 24-25)
Enjoy colouring the title illustration for Sam’s story yourself!

Bed Bug Scrambler (page 19)
Bed Bugs are called hitchhikers because they have mastered travelling from one place to another by latching on to people’s belongings. In this game, figure out the right order how the bedbugs got from A to B!