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Writing Activity
Raghav’s penguin mystery story could spark some ideas to write your own. Here are a few to get you started:
1) Write the next case Raghav the detective finds himself on.
2) Continue the story in the magazine past where it ends. For example, after Raghav solves the penguin case, where does he go? What happens as he is travelling home?
3) Perhaps you could write a story about what happens to the magician after he goes to jail? Afterall, he is a magician!

Penguin Word Search Puzzle (PG 23)
This is a challenge with 28 words to find! See the answers key below. The page might take a few seconds to open.

Penguin Word Search Key (PG 23)
Here are the answers you can print out or view if you need some help. The page might take a few seconds to open.