This is a photo of Montreal’s skyline at night from across the water. French is Montreal’s official language and is spoken in almost half of the homes here in the city. Its name comes from Mount Royal, which is a triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city. One historic section is called ‘Old Montreal’ which is a really fun area to visit with some original cobblestone streets.

Olympic Stadium is where sporting and other events are held. It was built for the 1976 Summer Olympics and has the nickname of “The Big O” because of its shape. It resembles a spaceship, doesn’t it? It has the largest amount of seats for a structure of its kind in Canada! Wow!

Ice skating outdoors is a very popular winter activity for families in Montreal! And rink hockey too!

Some of my favourite subjects last year were Science, Music and Art. I just graduated from Grade 6 and will be entering a new school this fall. Yikes! That’s my story. Bye for now and I hope you can visit Montreal sometime soon.

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