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  1. How are submissions chosen to go in the magazine? B! does its best to publish every youth submission received within the described age range and type of editorial accepted. Continue reading for more detail. B! treats all submissions equally.
  2. Is there a way to know what B! is looking for specifically? Submissions like jokes, letters, photos and artwork by youth are generally always open. When we are looking for something very specific, we will post it on the Open Submissions for Youth page. Depending on the volume of responses, placement in the magazine cannot be guaranteed but we’d be in contact with you to let you know the situation. Generally all submissions are published as soon as we can fit them in.
  3. How many times can one person submit? As many times as you’d like!
  4. Who can submit? (1) General Submissions: Youth ages 7-14 years (2) Stories: 12 years and younger 500 words or less; 13-18 years 800 words or less. A parent, teacher or caregiver can submit in behalf of a child.
  5. What about privacy issues for youth? Due to the fact that many youth have facebook pages and sometimes youth photos are included in the magazine, B! only publishes the child’s first name and age, that’s it! A parent can request that their child be referred to by another name if they wish.
  6. Why is uploading a submission online preferred over post? First, it allows you to keep the original copy by scanning it in or taking a picture of it with a digital camera or iPhone, etc. You don’t have to worry about edges (if you take a picture of a drawing). We can trim it up. Just be sure it is in focus by not going too close. When you send it, keep it the original size. Uploading an image online means your submission will be received sooner so generally will get handled quicker. It also guarantees nothing will be lost or damaged in the mail.
  7. When uploading an image, what type of file is B! looking for? Please send the largest file that you can. JPG at 300 dpi is ideal. If it is a photo/image coming from a digital camera, send the original size if possible. Don’t reduce the file size before uploading. B! can receive large files up to 20 MB each. If you would like to send one or more files, please break the attachments up into separate submissions. You may use your digital camera, iPhone, etc. It all works!
  8. Do submissions receive pay? Great cost goes into producing the magazine and generally submissions are treated as a privilege and opportunity. Only adults (19 years or older) receive payment for submissions as described on our Writers’ Guidelines page.
  9. How do I know if my submission has been received? You’ll receive an auto response shortly telling you it has been received, then our office will reply usually within 48 hours. If the submission is sent by mail, please include an email address if you’d like a confirmation of receipt. If you don’t hear back from our office after 3-4 weeks of mailing and you included an email address, please contact us directly.
  10. If I mail my submission, could I have it returned? If you send us a return envelope with postage on it, we’d be happy to return it to you. Consider taking a picture of it or scanning it instead. See instructions above.
  11. If my submission has been received, how soon could I expect to see it published? Depending on what type of submission it is, and the volume of responses received at the time, placement cannot be guaranteed but generally all submissions are published as soon as we can fit them in. Publishing in print will take longer than online.
  12. What if I’m told our submission will be published, but then don’t see it or there is an error? We appreciate it when you can bring errors to our attention and always do something to make up for it when we do. Just contact us with the details.
  13. How much of the magazine is supported by submissions from youth? There is a careful balance between work that is brought in by professional writers and illustrators, and youth submissions. Some of the objectives of BAZOOF! are to encourage and inspire creativity and empower youth, so youth contributions play a significant role in its content.
  14. What if I want more copies of the issue my submission is in? Single copies of the magazine are found in SHOP / Back Issues where you can place an order. If you have a submission inside, a discount is offered to thank those who have contributed to BAZOOF! See the page for details.
  15. Where can I get more information about submissions? Contact us and we’d be happy to answer your questions and assist you!

To increase your odds of being published, please click here for a list of submissions the editors at BAZOOF! are actively seeking.