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Ariela is presently a maghost for BAZOOF! She wrote this story since a podcast about elephants was going in the magazine so that they could complement each other. In her words, “The main thing was elephant cowboys. I wanted to write a story about elephants, but I don’t know animals that well (especially elephants), so I focused on the people who care for them.”

Writing Activity

Here are some writing activities for the story THE ELEPHANT RESCUE found on Pages 26 & 27 of the Melvin McMelon #80 issue of BAZOOF!

  1. This brother and sister pair, Crynn and Clove, are pretty young. Write how they ended up living on their own with their elephants. Where are their parents? You can include this in your story.
  2. Write a part of the story that was only lightly touched on, when the guards snuck into Crynn and Clove’s camp late at night and stole their robbed them. Focus on what happened.
  3. What happens after the end of the story that Ariela wrote? Write about Crynn and Clove’s next adventure with their elephants!

The Elephant Rescue Colouring Poster (PGS 26-27)
Here is a colouring poster of Ivory in a cage with a guard keeping watch! You could try and match the colours found in the magazine or do your own scheme.

Send in Your Writing!

You can even send your writing activity to B! and share it with other readers. Send it here!