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Sloth Colouring Page (PG 25)
Once you’ve enjoyed the story, you can colour it! Match the colours you see in BAZOOF! or come up with your own variation.

Rainforest Rescue Writing Activity (PG 24)
There are many very interesting creatures in our world. They are a fun topic to write a story or poem about. Here are some ideas: Aye-aye, capybara, fossa, pangolin or a velvet ant. Another writing activity could be about why differences are a positive thing in the world. The characters in this story could be animals, like the rainforest one, or even your school friends!

Raghav, the Mummy, and the Business Card (PG 23)
Mummys are a load of fun! Write your own story about a mummy, as Raghav did. PSSST! Did you happen to notice that Raghav gave the detective in his story his OWN name?!? That’s another writing activity idea, a story where you are the main character!

Share Your Story!

Once you’ve written your story, why not share it with a friend, family member, or your school teacher! You could even submit it to B!