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Penguins and An Elf #85

The Penguins and An Elf Digi-Mag is available to subscribers in their accounts. An email notification was sent with information how to access it. Another way is to go to the top menu on the HOMEPAGE > DIGI-MAG > CUSTOMER CARE > LOG IN or login here. BAZOOF! Digi-Mag is…
TeLeni Koochin
November 28, 2023

BAZOOF! Digi-Mag Workshop

Kids, Get Published! BAZOOF! Digi-Mag Workshop for 6-12 Year-Olds. For all the details and to register in this FREE kids workshop, please visit here! There are prizes to win, so don't miss out.
TeLeni Koochin
November 21, 2023
B! Back Issues

Spooks and a Bear #84

What's inside? It's fall in the neighbourhood of Eze Valley! Oay has lots of new youth submissions to share and starts with two poems and an introduction to a cat named Poopy! Ava writes a poem about a student trying to rush to class, and Eliana's poem reminds readers to…
TeLeni Koochin
October 14, 2023
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Catch Me If You Can

BAZOOF! Digi-Mag #84 is out next week and here is a sneak peek at the feature story. It's by Jaycee, Age 12, and here is how she describes it in her own words. "Hi! I have written a really cool short story. It's about a boy named Max who goes…
TeLeni Koochin
September 25, 2023

Courage to Dream

by Kris MacLeod I remember the day a hero came to our town.  July 11, 1980, Terry Fox reached Scarborough, Ontario on his historic run to raise money for cancer research. In the eyes of the nation he was a hero, braving the unprecedented challenge of running across Canada on…
TeLeni Koochin
September 15, 2023