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Halloween Tips

Halloween Traditions

You know the rule about not taking candy from strangers? Well, that rule doesn’t apply for the Halloween tradition. But remember, once trick or treating is over, it’s right back to the following that rule again!

Expect a “BOO!”

Some people really like to have fun with kids when they come to their door. They might dress up and may even say, “BOO!” and try to scare you. People have even dressed in costumes and then blended themselves in the decorations on their porch. So, know this is all part of the fun! Continue reading

Eat, Jump & Grow!

Cam the Carrot is off to a good start for spring weather! He hopes these fun ways to think about your health will help you enjoy this time of year even more!

1. Eat Fresh Fruit

The warmer weather and extra sunshine will naturally raise your energy! Enjoy eating fresh fruit daily to get all those super antioxidants and minerals in your system. Continue reading