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by Molly, Age 15 The captivating blue of the oceanIs highlighted as the wavesCrash to the soft sandIts white capsExploding on the terrain (more…)
TeLeni Koochin
May 31, 2022

Bats, Kites & Sara

Bats are so interesting! In this photo, you see some fruit bats hanging upside down for a nap, with their wings wrapped around themselves like a cozy blanket. Their furry heads are sticking out the bottom with those signature pointed ears! What is also very interesting is Sara's poem about…
TeLeni Koochin
February 18, 2022

The Slide That Isn’t So Bad

by Aiden, Age 11 "I created this poem because at school we were told to write a poem of a childhood memory, and this is a time that I went to a water park as a kid." The sun is beating downMy skin feels hotI want to get in the…
TeLeni Koochin
June 17, 2020