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Fandango’s Laugh #4

Mis amigos! It’s your friend, Fandango! Here’s a joke I received from Seth, Age 5. Knock Knock? Who’s there? Gorilla. Gorilla who? Gorilla of my dreams! Ha-kawaka-kakakaka…  not sure I get that one, but let’s laugh anyways! Thanks Seth and remember to keep sending in your jokes! Hasta Luego!

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Fandango’s Laugh #2

fandango_entranceYou’ve been a great crowd! Gracias to my friends who gave me a few gags and riddles!

Q: What did the banana say to the vampire?
A: Nothing! Banana’s don’t talk
! (Jeremy, Age 12)

Q: Which ice cream do whales like best?
A: Fin-illa!

Knock! Knock!
Who’s there? Ducks go.
Ducks go who? No! Ducks don’t go ‘who’, owls do! (Casey, Age 10)

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Fandango’s Laugh #1

Hola, Mis Amigos! I am your feathered pal, Fandango. You’ll find me often doing a show at the Last Laugh Comedy Club in Midtown. Here are a few little chucklers for you to enjoy!

Q: Which dinosaur knew the most words?
The thesaurus!

Knock! Knock!
Who’s there? Dozen.
Dozen who? Dozen anybody want to let me in?

Q: What is the strongest animal?
A snail. He carries his house on his back!

Q: What kind of plates do they use on Venus?
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