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The Witch Cave

261016_1By Ruhi, Age 11

“This half of the room is my territory, that side is yours!” Alice said angrily at her brother, Tom, as he indifferently surveyed the disarray of the room.

“But we both need a bed!” Tom pointed out. As soon as Alice left the room, Tom picked up the saw he had hidden under the bed stumbling from its weight. Then he tried to saw the bed in half so that he could have his own bed on his side of the room. He didn’t succeed. The bed collapsed.

Hearing the noise, Alice hurried into the room and gasped, “What did you do?” she shrieked. “And why? No, never mind, don’t answer that question.” Tom looked down at the mess he created. The bed was sagging in two with splinters and feathers littering the floor. Continue reading