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Hello Earthlings!

Today we are going to learn how to draw the small and curious space cricket!

These small creatures cohabit the underground with the Jubs! They like warm, humid spaces and they jump around all the time!

Step 1: Draw the head! Imagine you’re drawing a flower petal.

Step 2: Once you’re satisfied with your head, we are going to draw the body next! The body comes in two parts, the first one kind of looks like a bean and the second one like half a sausage!

Don’t worry if you make mistakes! Practice makes perfect! The trick comes into breaking it down to simple shapes like circles, squares and lines!

Step 3: Now add the wings!

Step 4: Erase the part of the body that you can see through the wings!

Step 5: Space crickets have three legs on each side, so let’s not forget about the legs! They need them to jump around! For the first leg, draw a backwards letter Z!

Step 6: Draw a big number 7! Don’t forget to add a little foot on the bottom of it!

Step 7: Erase any lines of the body that you can see through the legs! This makes the next step much easier!

Step 8: Draw an even bigger number 7, with a little foot! It’s okay if it overlaps with the second leg!

Step 9: In the third leg, erase any of the body and wing lines that overlap! You can also erase the part where the leg overlaps with the second leg! That way, it will look like the third leg is behind the second leg!

Step 10: It’s time to give the cricket some life, now that we have our basic drawing! The eyes and antennae are very important! You can also add a tail! 

Step 11: Now, you can colour in your cricket and add fun shapes and designs!

You can also grab a new sheet of paper, place your sketch underneath it, and trace over! A cool trick is to tape your sketch to a bright window, and then on top of it, tape a new piece of paper and voila! You can trace the lines over easily! Not all crickets are the same, so try exaggerating some attributes like the eyes or legs!

Make Up Your Own Space Critter!

After you’ve created your own space cricket, you could send it to BAZOOF! for a chance to have it published. Send it here