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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. On the BAZOOF! homepage in the top menu, click on Magazine > Customer Care > Log In or log in here.
  2. Enter your Username/Email address and Password. An email would have been sent to you to set up your password, or click below on LOST YOUR PASSWORD? to reset it. Save it in a secure place, then log in.
  3. You’ll now see your MY ACCOUNT dashboard.
  4. To VIEW your magazines click on DOWNLOADS in the far left menu. Then click on the PURPLE box of the digi-mag you’d like to view.
  5. To DOWNLOAD your magazines as a PDF, first follow STEP 4. Then mouse in the black right area below the digi-mag (on a PC), and a menu will appear giving you a DOWNLOAD PDF option. Please note this only works for #83 and newer. The print-to-digital format of the previous magazines are too large to include a PDF option, but can be found here. PDF versions don’t include animation or sound.
  6. REMEMBER: Click on the BACK arrow to return to your account dashboard or you’ll log out.

How is the Digital Magazine Best Viewed?

The magazine’s digital version is best viewed by holding a tablet vertically. Otherwise, it can be enjoyed on any device.

What Elements Do the Digital Magazines Include?

The digi-magazine includes page jumps, hyperlinks, interactive animation, sounds that can be clicked on, surprise sounds hidden on the pages, off-page content, print-outs, videos, slideshows, podcasts and more! Please note: Not all web browsers support auto-playing sound, so that is why they have not been included.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments on all major credit cards.

how do i know how much i’ll pay in my preferred currency?

You can see how much a product costs approximately in your currency by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting your preferred currency from the drop-down list.

What happens when my subscription expires? Can i still access my old issues?

Your issues will only remain accessible during the time that you have an active subscription. As soon as your subscription expires, you will not have access to the issues anymore. If you want to keep an issue without any expiry, then you will need to buy a single issue.

I have an active subscription. How will I know when a new issue has been added to my account?

Users with an active subscription will receive an email notification when the latest issue of BAZOOF! Digi-Mag is available. You can access all of your issues by signing into My Account and then clicking on the Downloads link. By viewing it directly, the animation and sound elements will be active, otherwise it can be downloaded as a pdf with hyperlinks and page jumps.

My issues are sometimes slow to load. Why is that?

BAZOOF! Digi-Mag contain dynamic animations to improve the reader’s experience. Page loading times will vary depending on the speed of your computer and your Internet connection. Please be patient while the issue loads.