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by Shien, Age 9

It was a windy day at the beach. The waves were crashing down on the sand. The sand that didn’t get wet stayed warm like a campfire. My family and I were at the beach. “Oh! Cool, I didn’t know that California beaches looked so good.” The only beachy-place I went to before was in Hawaii.

After we had lunch, we went to play. In seconds our dog, Yumi, was on the sand. She went crazy. She dug her snout in the sand and rolled. Then she stopped and did it again. Yumi looked like a bulldozer drilling through the sand.
I said, “Why is she doing that?”My sister replied, “She never saw sand before! Of course, she will do this.”

Later, I went searching for shells in the sand. I found shells that had black and white stripes that looked cool. I also found a big long shell. At first, I thought, “Oh yes, I found a razor shell clam.” But, my sister then explained to me that it was not a razor shell clam because it was way too short.

After, I saw some crabs hiding behind some rock crevices. They had different colours like orange, red, blue, green, and purple. I could see them cooped up in the rocks, just hiding forever. Lastly, I saw a few mussels. Some were hardened like rock. So, I called these mineral mussels because the ocean has minerals dissolved in it.

I then played in the waves by making sandcastles. I used my feet on the wet sand to make walls, moats, and reinforcements. But, my castles would always fall whenever a big wave would crash down.

After some time, I played a different game I called “Wave Runner.” I would run along where the waves would hit and when the small waves hit me, I would pretend to be slowed. If a medium or large wave hit me, I would be frozen for 5 seconds. Then, I went back to put on my sandals because we were going to look at the tide pool.

I found a sea snail shell. It had white, black and orange stripes. I decided to take it. I also saw interesting rock formations. I called it “Castle Rock” because it protected me from the water.

Sadly, it was already 4:00, so we had to go home. I was happy that we got to go to the beach. I was smiling. I wish we could have stayed longer. But, I was fine about leaving because home is always the best place.