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This is Sir Melvin McMelon Elementary. The school received its name from one of the founders of the neighborhood of Countryville. It is the school principal’s great great grandfather, that is why they share the same name. Have you ever wondered where the name of your school came from? The students at the school sometimes share things they’ve created like stories, and you can read them in the magazine or on the B! Blog.

Sir Melvin McMelon Elementary

 School Murals

Do you see that big orange wall below the school roof that has nothing on it? That would be a great place to paint a mural! But the school isn’t sure yet what to paint there so they are looking for ideas. Do you have any murals painted on the inside or outside walls of your school? Maybe a mascot? Also, some schools put really fun art students have created on the fences that surround the school. Murals created by groups of kids add a very human touch to a neighborhood. They help youth feel a sense of ownership and pride, and the whole community gets to enjoy them as they drive by or view them!

Send your Ideas!

Do you have some ideas of what kind of mural could be painted on the wall at Sir Melvin McMelon Elementary? You can send your idea or even a picture you’ve drawn to Submit. It would be great to see your idea!