Ashwinth made a science project that is really unique!

Jasmine’s project can hold some hefty weight!

See what John made out of these cardboard tubes!

Try Making Your Own!

After seeing what these youth have created, you could follow their instructions to make their project, or try to make your own Strong & Stable Structure. You could even send it to be displayed in the Science Centre. Visit submit for details.

Here are the steps (but you can also use your imagination as well to add to the procedure). Remember, a structure is made up of many different parts or materials coming together. It can carry a load or weight:

Step 1:  Choose your load (the weight that will go on the top of your structure like an unopened can)

Step 2: Use materials from things you find around your house

Step 3: Design your structure using various shapes, remembering you want it to be strong (it can withstand the pressure of a load without changing its shape) and stable (the structure is one that keeps its balance)

Step 4: Put your structure together

Step 5: Test it out!

Step 6: Finish your structure or start it over again

Step 7: Test it out again and measure it with a ruler to make sure it is at least 30 cm from the floor or a table