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Here you will find a list of the submissions that we need most often. Having a friend, sibling or parent work on a submission with you can make it even more fun! And we are also happy to work with you in preparing it so do your best and we’ll do the rest!

Remember: Just because something is not listed on this page does not mean we will not consider it for publication. However, submitting something that fills one of the needs identified below may increase the odds that we will choose your submission for publication.

For more information on other submission ideas and to find out how to submit your work, go to the Submit page and follow the three steps. See the publication schedule here:

 Submissions Oay is Currently Seeking!

  • Drawing or painting you’ve done
  • Photo
  • A little note with a comment or question to Oay (Office Administrator) about BAZOOF! or a little about yourself!
  • Question or comment about the Ninja Bob comic
  • Jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, embarrassing moments or fake news
  • Share your favourite sport or hobby; If you are able to send a photo, that would be great (original size from the camera, not sized down); Video clip welcome as well
  • Share about the pet you have and send along 3-4 photos (original size from the camera, not sized down)
  • Craft idea, photos welcome
  • Healthy snack idea
  • Photos and/or description of a science project you’ve done