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By Aiden, Age 11.

Setting: The kitchen, in modern day
Characters: Cat (A male kitten), Dog (An older dog) 

DOG: (looks at his food bowl; it is empty) Hey, Kitty! Why are you taking my food?

CAT: Wha-wha-what? What are you talking about?

DOG: You know! It’s my food!

CAT: Bu-bu-but…?

DOG: Butts are for sniffing. (the cat turns to sniff his butt)

DOG: Not now! Bad kitty.

CAT: Wha-what MEOW? I mean… what now?

DOG: You stole my food. That’s what!

CAT: I thought it was my food. It looks just like mine.

DOG: Nope. One of them’s mine and the other one’s yours. I know you’re still getting ‘justed, but I can help teach you the rules of the house.

CAT: Ok. I’ll stop eating your food. (the cat whines) Your food is better.

DOG: (the dog shows the cat the rules) Looks like this is gonna be RUFF.

CAT: Yeah-yeah.

DOG: The rules of the house are… no eating people food unless it’s on the floor, no sleeping on the couch unless the people are gone… And the most important rule is you must be nice to everybody, including me, at all times.

CAT: Meow! I mean, yes.

DOG: Can you dig it?

CAT: No, but I can scratch it. (the cat starts scratching the kitchen floor)

DOG: What the BARK? You don’t understand.

CAT: (the cat stops scratching) I’m sorry. You are right. I don’t understand. (the cat starts crying)

DOG: When you are ready, we can move on.

CAT: I am ready. I’ll do better from MEOW on. I mean, now on. (cat yawns)

DOG: What are you doing?

CAT: I’m waiting for you to tell me the rules. Where am I supposed to sleep DAWG?

DOG: Nooooooooooooo! You’re not supposed to go to bed now because I’m teaching.

CAT: I’m sorry.

DOG: It’s okay!

CAT: Is this bed mine?

DOG: Yes! (the cat purrs)

CAT: Ok! (climbs up to the head rest of lounge chair)

DOG: That’s not right. I said THIS is your cat bed. (dog points in a dog way)

CAT: Oh. Right.

DOG: Do you think you can remember the rules?

CAT: You got yourself a meal. I mean a deal.

DOG: Good cat.
(cat burps, then curls up for a nap)


Try Out This Skit!

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