by Brooke Newton, Age 12

In my dreams, there was a thing—a little thing—one little scary thing.
So small, yet so frightening…
I was on a great adventure on my own. When the wind had blown.
A cave, I saw, was deep and raw.
So I went in—right into the stone where who-knows-what could be there.
As I was entering, a bird said, “caw caw,”
As it flew over my head.
I was exploring when all of a sudden, something touched my shoulder.
I was scared as I looked all around, but all I saw was a boulder.

But as I looked at my shoulder, I saw a huge ugly spider.
I felt cold. I needed some hot cider.
My heart jumped out of my chest. I felt sick.
I ran, but it was a dark cave so I could not see.
I fell a long way.
I could barely see the opening of the hole.
I didn’t know what to do. I was stuck there by myself
1 hour later…

I heard a sound in the hole.
What was it?
Was it a person? Who or what was there?
Was it a bear?
I wanted to pull its hair, but all I
Could do was stare.
This did not seem fair. All I wanted was to explore a cave.

I thought I was so brave.
I was panicking. Where should I go? Was I stuck?
I heard it again. The noise was closer now.
When I saw big eyes, I knew what it was.
Twas a monster, big and furry.
But he looked so blurry.
Maybe it was my imagination.
I knew I was wrong, as it took one look at me…
As he was about to swallow me whole, I got low.

When I woke up, I checked my surroundings to make sure it was just a dream. But little did I know…

Think of a Dream

Our dreams can be so unusual and strange. Sometimes we remember them, sometimes we don’t, but we all dream. Try writing a poem about a dream. It could be one you had or a new one you create. It could even be published by BAZOOF! by submitting it here. Thanks, Brooke, for sharing such an interesting poem!