Think Eat Save!

300816_1When you’re done eating your lunch at school, do you throw what you didn’t eat in the garbage? Do you often throw food out instead of saving it or putting it in the compost?

Food thrown into the garbage becomes waste and this waste creates greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are a major contributor to the change in the climate. Food waste also uses precious land and water. Because it is getting to be such a big problem in the world, the United Nations has begun a new global campaign. It is, “Think Eat Save”. Here is how it works: Continue reading

Plastic Bags Please!

Welcome to the Recycling Depot & Education Center. This is where folks come to drop off their recycling and learn how they can help take care of their community. Today we are learning about Recycling Plastic Shopping Bags.

The recycling depot takes empty, used plastic bags from the recycle bin. They wash them, dry them, and chop them up. Then, a special liquid is mixed in called ‘resin’. The bags are then melted into pellets which are sold to manufacturers. Continue reading