Night in the Mansion

290816_3By Hannah, Age 10

Aah! Aah!!!

The scream rang in my ears. I had to find out what was going on because I needed to help the screamer. It sounded like they were in trouble.


There it was again. I followed the sound until I came to a locked bathroom. I cut a gigantic hole in the door and jumped through—the criminal was gone. There lay an unconscious woman at my feet. I needed to find out who did this so I could stop the person from harming more people. So after I’d called 911 and the ambulance had taken the woman to the hospital, I got my detective fingerprint pad from my bedroom. (Yes, I do live in this mansion and that woman was my masseuse.) Continue reading

A Universe the Same as Ours

By Grace, Age 12

What if I told you that there was a parallel universe connected to ours?

That would mean there would be someone almost the exact same as you. They would have the same name, have the same friends, read the same books and would be doing the same thing as you. The difference would be that your parallel self would be in another universe. How would you react? Would you believe it? Come in close, let me tell you a secret.

Continue reading

The Jump

070816_1by Nathan, Age 11

Where I live there has always been something we called, ‘The Jump’. It is a gigantic drop off the edge of a cliff. No one knew what was really down there. You see, we live on a planet called Roko Republica. It is all kids. No adults. If you’re interested in finding out if we die… we don’t die. We are all immortal. However, none of us dared to leap off that cliff. All we could see was darkness below. Nothing else. Nobody had ever gone near the cliff except Neal Phileas. He had always been a daredevil and a troublemaker, so no one was surprised when he jumped. Of course, he was never seen again. No one even heard the thud when he landed at the bottom, if there was one. As I said, no one knew what was down there, until one day… Continue reading