Little Ozzy

by Raquel

My name is Raquel and this is our dog, Ozzy. He is a Yorkshire Terrier. We got him when he was 10 weeks old and now he is five months. Both his dad and brother live on our block. Before we got Ozzy we had a fish, hamster and a few frogs. When we heard that Ozzy’s mom had puppies, we asked if we could go see them. We weren’t expecting to buy one. Continue reading

Nanny’s Flowers

by Karen R. Clarke

My daughter, Kathryn, discovered that her first pregnancy was twin girls. She asked me to come and live with them. Once Kendra and Kaylee were 3 years old, I decided it was time to live on my own again. I rented an apartment approximately a 10-minute drive from their home. The girls made their first visit to my new abode the day the gardeners had planted a beautiful flower bed in front of the building. Continue reading

Courage to Dream

by Kris MacLeod

I remember the day a hero came to our town.  July 11, 1980, Terry Fox reached Scarborough, Ontario on his historic run to raise money for cancer research. In the eyes of the nation he was a hero, braving the unprecedented challenge of running across Canada on one artificial leg.

Although I didn’t get to see him in person, I watched Terry’s arrival on tv. “I’m going to do my very best,” he told the cheering crowds. “I’m not going to give up.” Continue reading

Attention Seeker

by Laura Thomas

I had survived another day with relative sanity. Dinner was accomplished, and the finish line was in sight—bed-time for my darling children aged 7 years, 3 years, and 6 months. My husband and I skillfully and speedily cleaned up the massacre in the kitchen, with baby Jacob supervising contentedly in his bouncy chair. Continue reading

Pet Talk

by Amanda, Age 12

My cat is a brown spotted tabby that loves to snuggle, eat, sleep and be petted. Her name is Princess Jasmine, but we call her ‘Jazzy’ for short. She is 14 years old. She is older then me, but I still love her!

Have you ever wanted a pet? Cat, dog or even a horse? I’ll tell you a bit about animal lifestyles and needs. Continue reading

Dear Ramona #2

051116_1My name is Ramona Sousa and I am a counselor. I have worked in big schools and little schools, both public and private. But the best part of my job has been working with all the different students, teachers, principals and parents, to help them find solutions.

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Bogart’s People Show #2

030816_1I’m Bogart D. Richards the Third and I’m your host of the Interesting People Show. I want to thank you folks for joining us here today. We’ve got a great show coming up. Our interesting guest for tonight, Eric Blais, is a professional artist and illustrator and I’ll be chatting with him a little later. But first , and I’m pretty excited about this, we’ll take a look at some letters from you, the viewing public! Okay, let’s give this one a read. It’s our very first letter that’s not from my mom! This one is from Matthew. Ahem:

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Gareth in NYC

041016_6Phwaaa! It’s me, Gareth, the Unusual Duck-Billed Playtypus off on another adventure! This time, to the greatest city in the world, the Big Apple. The city so nice they named it twice: New York, New York! Business, art, food—many things have been born here and have spread all over the world, such as Manhattan clam chowder, Wall Street, Broadway musicals and so on. Here are some photos of my trip!

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My Close Friend

210916Hi, my name is Brenna and this is a photo of me and my dog Sadie. She is part Lab and part Australian Shepherd. She is about 9 years old. I help take care of Sadie by filling her food and water bowls, playing with her outside and sometimes walking her around the block. I like to play tug-of-war with her, take photos of her, run around, and just cuddle with her. I like how she can sense when I need friend or someone to talk to or just have a nice silent companion. Plus, I like having a friend to play with outside when no one else can. Continue reading