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Here are some instructions how to make your own reusable booklets for all the note-takers out there!

Step 1:

Gather all the supplies you’ll need. You’ll need scissors, glue, a pencil, eraser, a stapler and a ruler. Find random paper that isn’t too heavy to be choices for your inside paper. Find heavier paper (even a heavy paper bag) that could be options for your cover. Also, heavy tape for the binding, if you choose.

Step 2:

Making a smaller booklet is easier than a larger one, so you can staple it with a common-sized stapler. But you can make one of any size. Gather the paper that would work for the inside of your booklet. They should be light in weight. Choose 4-10 sheets. The lines on the paper don’t necessarily need to be going the same direction.

Step 3:

Next, choose the paper that will be your cover that’s a little heavier in weight and more sturdy. Decide on the size of booklet you want. This sample one you see here, the paper was measured at 11 inches wide x 7 inches in height. When folded, it became 5.5 inches wide x 7 inches in height.

Measure out the size of the cover using a pencil and ruler. Cut it out. Then measure the inside paper to be a similar size, but just slightly narrower in both height and width (so the pages don’t stick out too much once folded).

Step 4:

Holding the cover and inside pages together so the edges line up, fold the longest side in half. Press down to make a slight fold so you can see where to place your staples. You can even draw a straight line along this fold to guide you. Staples will keep your pages in place.

By folding the back pages in a bit, if your booklet isn’t too big, you could probably use a regular-sized stapler (that’s what was done here). Otherwise, drop into a copy/office centre in your area and borrow a stapler that allows you much more distance.

Step 5:

Once your staples are in, choose a theme for your cover. It could be pets, a favourite sport, season, a destination, or even random clippings that interest you, as done for the sample. If the booklet is for a gift, you could find images of favourite places and things that person enjoys (using their name as the cover title). Glue down the clippings like a collage, keeping things tight and overlapping so there are no gaps.

You can go right to the edge and trim them, or place them inside slightly. Newspapers offer lots of fun clippings, but the paper is very thin and more difficult to work with (can tear easy). Old calendars and magazines work best. Choose different sizes, colours and styles of clippings to keep it interesting!

Step 6:

Cut out random letters to for your cover that spell N-O-T-E-S or N-O-T-E-B-O-O-K or someone’s name. Place them on your cover where you’d like them positioned. Be sure they are large enough to stand out, or you could put a strip of construction paper behind them.

As an option for extra protection, you could use a spray-on glue and sealer as a final touch for your cover, or a sheet of mactac on top.

Step 7:

Once your clippings and letters are done, place your booklet flat with the inside pages down, and put a strip of duck tape down the centre over the staples (if you choose). You could use heavy packing tape as well. It gives it a fun book-style look. If you are making smaller booklets, trim the tape down appropriately.

Step 8:

You’re done! Give it as a gift or enjoy it yourself! Making mini-sized booklets are fun too with scraps. Try all sorts of themes at different times of the year!

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