Here are some instructions how to make your own reusable notebooks (photos to come soon!):

Step 1:

Gather all the supplies you’ll need. Here are some examples: scissors, felt pens, glue, magazines or other scrap pictures, pen, different types of paper, construction paper (for the cover).

Step 2:

Find 4-10 sheets of recycled paper or scraps that are close in size. Legal-sized paper is ideal for larger books, but any will do. Your sheet of construction paper should be close to the same size too, or at least larger.

Step 3:

Since your cover and inside paper need to be all the same size, trim the larger ones to match the smaller ones. You can make books of all different sizes.

Step 4:

Holding the cover and inside pages together so the edges line up, fold the longest side in half. Put your book flat with the inside pages facing down, and draw a straight line on the cover where the fold is. this is where you’re going to put some staples (keeping your book flat) that will hold your book together and make it easy to open and write in. If you don’t have a stapler big enough for the larger books, you can go to a copy or office centre where you can borrow one.

Step 5:

Once your staples are in, once again place your book flat with the inside pages down, and put a strip of duck tape down the centre over the staples. It just gives it a fun book-style look. If you are making small books, you obviously won’t want the duck tape too wide.

Step 6:

Choose a theme for your cover. It could be pets, the name of a city or national landmark, season, a place, name of a person etc.

Step 7:

Looking in a magazine, cut out the theme name you’ve chosen as single letters (P – E – T – S). Glue them on the cover. They will be different sizes and styles, and that is what will give your cover lots of character.

Step 8:

Cut out other images that would go with your theme, or it could be a collage of anything if that is hard to do. You can even cut out some photos that you are allowed to use. Use your imagination!

Step 9:

Glue the images as a collage on the cover around your title, with the edges overlapping or touching each other. You can decide what type of design you’d like to do.

Step 10:

Let the cover dry by putting your booklet under something heavy so that it will dry flat. Once ready, you can write an opening note on the first page, or organize as you wish. Use it as a notebook for yourself, or give it as a gift. Making mini ones are fun too and try all sorts of themes!