Sean Chen

Sean Chen shares his experience hiking the Routeburn Track in Queenstown, New Zealand found on Page 28 in BAZOOF! magazine #67. Here are a few photos he wanted to share as well.

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White Lion

MIA AND THE WHITE LION is the heartfelt story of an extraordinary friendship between a young girl and a white lion, and her incredible adventure across the South African savanna to give her best friend a new home.

Filmed over the course of three years, MIA AND THE WHITE LION centers on a willful young girl named Mia whose life is turned upside down when her family decides to leave London to manage a lion farm in South Africa. When a beautiful white lion, Charlie, is born, Mia finds happiness once again and develops a special bond with the growing cub. As Charlie grows to full size, Mia uncovers an upsetting secret kept hidden by her father.

Distraught that Charlie could be in danger, Mia decides to rescue him. The two friends set out on an incredible journey across the South African savanna in search of a sanctuary where Charlie can live out his life in freedom.

To view a Trailer for the movie, click here!

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Motocross with Hayden

Hi, I’m Hayden! My Dad, brothers and I all belong to a local dirt biking club near our home. Here are more photos and some video clips that go with the feature in BAZOOF! #66 starting on Page 18.

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Spring Issue #66

The cherry blossoms in Bloomsbury tells us spring has arrived in the city! I hope you’ve got some time because there is LOTS to do!

How about starting with some motocross with Hayden on a few tracks. He was going to meet you at Cloud 9 Café to grab something to eat before heading out. He heard that their blueberry orange yogurt muffins was on the menu and wanted to try one! You’ll be able to make them yourself with step-by-step directions!

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by Victoria & Anniston, Age 14

Is Panhandling a Problem? Should panhandling be legal or illegal?

There are millions of people on the side of the road, streets, and elsewhere begging for money. About half of the panhandlers are homeless, the other half of them are just extremely poor. Some struggle with severe alcohol and drug addictions while some are caught in a cycle: they move from being homeless to having housing but being extremely poor.

Loads of cities allow panhandling meanwhile, other cities are more strict about it. In Cincinnati, panhandling within 50 feet of schools is considered illegal and begging is banned near ATMs, parking meters, and restaurants. In 2015, Utah banned panhandlers from soliciting in traffic. The same year, Atlanta outlawed panhandling through a downtown area.

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A Hidden Kindness

by Peyton, Age 13

It is 2050 on the streets of New York City, and Mary Joe is merely walking down the broken road. Everything was just so dull. Nobody went outside to play or get the mail or even go to work. It was like there was no purpose in life—at least that’s what Jonathan made it feel like. He hated life and cared about no one but himself.

But then Mary Joe arrived. She was the beauty in everything, even in this shattered world. It was like she brought meaning into life. Everybody loved Mary Joe and they treated her as if she were their own. She was the perfect little angel and everyone knew it, even Jonathon. He disliked how she was so kind to everyone and how she wanted to recreate this wasted world.

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Wacky Winter #65

YAAAAAAH! The winter issue is here! With comics being a favourite for kids, along with BAZOOF!’s focus to encourage creativity in youth, the new comic series is a revamp of one created by Troy and Daniel when they were in Grade 5 and 6. It was featured in B! in its early years and is now returning better than ever! This issue readers not only get the first episode, but learn some of steps B!’s production team took in determining how Ninja Bob would look.

Freg has a healthy snack that is quick and easy to make in a frying pan and then readers can hop on their scooters and take a new year road trip. As they follow along, there are various tasks they can do that provide some healthy fun, along with checking out their rating at the end of their trip!

A favourite for B! readers are the short stories written by youth! This issue, Anvita, Age 9, shares a tale of Buzz the Bee and what goes wrong when he starts hanging out with some new friends. Jericho, Age 15, writes a story based on a popular movie that readers are sure to recognize. ‘Jerry the Racer’ is a car determined to make his parents proud and fulfill his dreams, with the help of his friend Cisco.

This issue also features true stories by youth! Anna, Age 12, writes of a frightening experience she had on the ski slopes. Maya, also Age 12, relates when she was able to help her friend from being bullied in her classroom.

Avah, Age 10, not only shares a very fun poem about her cat and what goes through his furry little head, but also what makes Peaches such a big part of their family!

B! received lots of holiday drawings and doubled the space in the magazine to show some of them off! Thanks to all those who participated on Oay’s Chalk Board this issue…. some great stuff!

All this and more in the upcoming WACKY WINTER 2019 issue of BAZOOF!

Julie of the Wolves

by Sabrina, Age 12

Do you like beautiful stories that truly capture your heart and make you want to explore the wilderness? Then this is the book for you! Julie, the main character of Jean Craighead George’s novel, Julie of the Wolves, lives on the Alaskan tundra, which inspires her wild imagination and desire for adventure. Julie is raised by her father who teaches her to communicate with animals.

After she believes that her father has died, she enters an arranged marriage, even though she is only thirteen. The marriage is unhappy so she runs away, trying to get to California so she can meet her pen pal, Amy. Unfortunately, Julie gets lost, trudging through the icy snow of the tundra. She meets a wolf pack, who turns out to be friendly once she uses the communication skills her father taught her!

When I was reading this book, I was really struck by the descriptions of the tundra—so terrifying, yet so beautiful. Not only does it serve as a backdrop to Julie’s journey, but it also helped me understand Julie’s character. It captures Julie’s desire for adventure and shows her determination and bravery. The tundra is mostly flat and full of bare trees, so when she looks far away, it seems to her like the tundra is endless. This means that Julie is determined no matter how far away her goal might seem.

Also, though there are many predators around looking for prey, the snow provides many hiding places for them, such as holes and dens. Therefore, it’s harder for the animals to find prey. This is very much like Julie because she works hard and won’t stop until she finds the food she needs to survive.

The tundra also shows that Julie is a dreamer because she sees it as a magical place. She admires the sky reflecting onto the tundra, which causes many beautiful colours and shapes to form over the snow. For example, she sees it “glistening gold” or with “a feathering of snow.” Once she imagines how “every wind-tossed sedge is a silver thread” over the tundra.  These descriptions show Julie’s dreamy personality. So, the tundra is also like a mirror because it reflects Julie and the way she sees the world.

 The tundra helped me enjoy this book because it created all of the adventures that Julie went through.  It also helped me understand her love for the wilderness and for her friends, the wolves. Also, the tundra is basically Julie’s life and is where all the twists in the book occur. Without the tundra, this book would not be as exciting.

I also love this book because it made me feel all kinds of different emotions! When Julie first encountered the wolves, I felt very nervous because I didn’t know if they would hurt her.  But when she starts to bond with them I was very happy and relieved—even the wolf cubs play with her like a normal wolf, as if they don’t know that she is a human.

There are other parts that are extremely sad, like when one of her wolf friends die. Because of the wolves’ kindness and Julie’s determination, the story was really inspiring. It also made me wish I could communicate better with animals, like Julie’s special mastered skill with wolves. It made me want to talk to Daisy, my cat, in order to know what crazy things could be in a little cat’s brain! All in all, this is a very touching book full of beautiful, moving descriptions of challenges, bravery, and love.

To purchase or learn more about the book, visit here.

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The Race

by Jacob, Age 13

It was a Monday at Columbia High—home to the defending state champions in cross country from the year before. The cross country team was doing a timed two-mile for the first practice of the season, and as usual, Brady Henry was the first to finish with a time of 11:34.

“Better than my fastest time last year,” said Brady. “My fastest time last year was the last meet we had, and I ran an 11:43.”

Then Louis chimed in, “I heard that Marcus from Charleston High ran an 11:20. Apparently, he is a lot faster than before. You might have some competition this year.”

“Who cares, I have a lot more potential and can beat him at the meet,” said Brady. Continue reading