Here at the Community Center in Midtown, parents and caregivers in the neighborhood share experiences that happened to them when they were kids. Here is one shared by a parent to one of the maghosts at B! Headquarters. You’ll find these true stories in every issue of BAZOOF! Magazine, called ‘Lessons Learned When We Were You‘.

lessons_learnedI Said, “Leave Me Alone!”

“One recess when I was in Grade 5, I was playing outside with some friends. There was a little kid who was shorter than me and I noticed he was wearing this unusual jacket. I went up to him and started teasing him saying that he thought he was pretty tough wearing his jacket. I pushed him and he told me to leave him alone. I pushed him again and he told me to leave him alone. But I didn’t listen. I pushed him again, then all of a sudden he threw his fist and popped me in the eye. I didn’t even see it coming. When I went into class, my teacher saw my red eye and asked me what happened. I didn’t tell her because I knew it was my own fault and didn’t want this boy to get in trouble. I felt very foolish for not listening to the kid and learned a big lesson.”

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