Nice to have your come by Countryville’s Drop-In Center. There are always lots of activities going on here, so if you are looking for something to do… just stop in! Here is a quick craft you can make with items you have home. Then after you make it, you can have fun giving it a voice and turning it into a character!

puppet_2Easy Craft – Paper Bag Puppets


  • Gather your main supplies: paper bags, glue stick, felt pens or crayons
  • Then gather extra goodies that you might want to use (optional) such as yarn, fabric, pipe cleaners, buttons, foam pieces, construction paper etc. Note, they just can’t be very heavy.


  1. First you could outline how you want the face to look with a pencil or just start drawing. Use the fold for its mouth so you see the top of the mouth on the flap, and the bottom part of the mouth underneath. You could even draw the inside of their mouth (inside the flap)
  2. Sketch and color how you want it to look in the front and back. Then using another paper bag, draw and color hands, feet, a tail, hair, ears, a hat… whatever you like! Paste them onto the body of the paper bag
  3. Once you have all your pieces on and glued, use crayons or felt pens to finish it up!

Puppet Shows:

  • Do a puppet show behind a couch for friends or family
  • Make them at a birthday party and have a puppet show for everyone to watch!
  • Make some different puppet characters with a friend and put on a show behind a bed or sofa

Send in a Craft!

Get your own craft published by sending it in! Be sure it is easy enough the someone could make it by viewing a photo of the completed craft. See Submit for the details in how to send. Have FUN!