This is the recycling depot in Countryville. The citizens come here to sort out the recycling they collect, and can even take their car through the drive-through service if they like and get some extra help! Recycling is important in their community, and Xo’Ju flies around the community to help teach and look for ways that more eco-friendly tasks can be done. You’ll get to know him in BAZOOF! magazine.

Countryville Recycling Depot


Do you know some ways that can help protect our environment?
Can you spot some ways to save energy in your home?
Do you know how to recycle?

Here are some tips that you can add to your daily routine.

Earth Saving Tips

  • Try to walk or bike to save gas and reduce pollution.
  • Help remind your parents to bring cloth or recycled bags to the market.
  • Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  • Don’t waste food, it takes a lot of energy to make food.
  • Pick up your trash, better yet pick up any trash you see!
  • Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth.
  • Hold on to your balloons. Balloons that float away often end up in the ocean and get swallowed by marine animals that cannot digest them.
  • When you are hiking, remember The Hiker’s Creed: Take only photographs, leave only footprints!
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Instead of throwing your old toys and clothes out, give to someone to could wear them or donate to your favorite charity.
  • Make sure electronic devices are turned off and not plugged in before leaving the house.
  • At school, use both sides of the paper and recycle it when done; Use pencils until they are too small to hold.
  • Plant a tree!

Share some of your earth-friendly routines you do at home or school. You can also send in some ideas of what you think we can improve on in our communities. See Submit to send your info.