Here at the Community Center, parents and caregivers in the neighborhood share experiences that happened to them when they were kids. Here is one shared by Allison O’Donnell, one of the illustrators at B! Headquarters. You’ll find these true stories in every issue of BAZOOF! Magazine, called ‘Lessons Learned When We Were You‘.

Big Ouch

My two sisters and I liked to play outside on  the chain-link swing set in our backyard. One day my sister wound my swing up so that when she let go, it would send me spinning. Moments before releasing me, she realized that my hair was caught in the chains and told me to wait while she untangled it. I panicked and jumped off, ripping out a hunk of my hair. I had a bald spot for a year! When it finally grew back, it was white. I learned to be more patient and trusting of my big sis after that.

Send a Story!

Parents, teachers and teens: Share a story of a lesson you learned when you were 12 years or younger. It could also be an experience that helped shaped your life for good. See Submit for sending info. Please include a description of what you looked like as a kid…

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…and B! will bazoof-you up like the image you see on this page! These stories are a lot of fun to read and share!