“Hi, I’m Ashwinth and I’m 9 years old. Some of my favourite activities to do with my friends are to play different games outside such as freeze tag and hide and seek. For hobbies, I like to play building games online, draw with my brother, and do okay fighting with my siblings.

My favourite subject at school is math because it comes easy to me, and I find it enjoyable. If I could be any animal, I would be a cheetah because it’s the fastest land animal in the world!

I think science projects are a good activity because we are able to learn new things. I found designing the structure difficult, but I enjoyed decorating it.”


  • 2 potato chip canisters
  • blank white paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • blue, pink and black construction paper

My instructions:

  1. I took an empty potato chip canister that was 23 centimetres tall, and to make sure the structure was exactly 30 centimetres, I took another potato chip canister and cut it to 7 centimetres.
  2. Then to cover the surface of the chips canisters, I used blank white paper and glued it on.
  3. I took blue, pink, and black construction paper and cut them into circles of different sizes and glued it on. I wanted my design to have bright colours!
  4. To finish, I added a pink flower around the top of the structure to make it different.