Winter #77

Wondering how the next issue of BAZOOF! magazine is coming along? Here’s a look at the cover that’s in progress. An updated version will be available soon!

If you are choosing a 1-YEAR subscription term, but would like a copy of BAZOOF! to put under the Christmas tree, we’ll send you a complimentary back issue ASAP. Just make a request at Otherwise, Issue #77 is set to be mailed December 23rd and will arrive sometime during the Christmas break or early in the New Year!

This winter issue takes readers to a special feature all about hurricanes. Read the journal of a youth and their experience living in a hurricane zone and how the community deals with these horrific storms.

Looking for some activities to do indoors where it’s warm? James has an easy craft you’ll enjoy that uses materials you can find around the house. It’s easy and let’s you use your imagination.

Ninja Bob JR is a few steps closer to bringing his Dad back, in the Ninja Bob hit comic series. He has a few helpers, can you guess who that might be?

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Fall #76

The FLYING PIGS & GOBLINS issue is in the process of arriving to subscribers by post. The digital version is available in subscriber accounts. And watch out! The fall issue this year has special Halloween features inside!

Read the youth story about a mad scientist who accidentally turns a captured pig into a superhero. Also the youth story of a boy who can’t stop eating Sour-Poochi-Candy. Find out what happens to him and what he discovers.

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It’s Summer! #75

This is a special summer issue that features the underworld of the Jubs. Did you know they live below the surface of Planet GLAK? This issue is packed with lots of fun that will help fill your summer hours with some interesting activities and reading!

In the last issue, Ninja Bob’s funeral was held, but surprisingly enough, appeared as an angel to Ninja Bob JR… what could be his message? What might he need his son to do? Find out! An animation clip of Ninja Bob will be posted on YouTube along with a brief description how it was created by a 2D animator!

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RCMP: Dog with a Badge

by Constable Steve Holmes

Late at night, a police officer is dispatched to a residential break-and-enter in progress. Upon arrival, the officer finds that the culprits are gone and the shaken homeowner states that the three males in dark clothing took off across his backyard. The quick-thinking officer calls on his radio:

“Dispatch, this is Alpha one. Do we have a dog available?”

“10-4 Alpha one. Echo 5 and Grief are on their way to your location.”

Within minutes, Echo 5, which is the Police Services Dog vehicle, arrives with the two very eager officers, the dog handler, and his dog Grief. The investigating officer updates the dog handler as to where the suspects were last seen and their last known direction of travel. The officer has also advised other police units in the area who, by now, have set up in a box pattern in the vicinity of the home to ensure the suspects don’t get far. Continue reading

Gareth at Rapa Nui

I’m Gareth, the Unusual Duck-Billed Platypus, on another adventure around the world. This time I’m off to Rapa Nui, or as it’s also known: Easter Island! This tiny and remote island has a fascinating history. Oh, and there’s these big stone heads called moai all over the place!

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Virtual Video Games

by Jon, Age 11

If virtual video games were real, they would probably sell in a heartbeat because they would change video gaming for the world. Parents would no longer tell their children that they were playing too many games. How is this possible? These ‘first-person’ video games would be available with a virtual console, there would be racing games and online role-playing video games in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously. If you had all of that in a virtual first-person game, you would be resting your body while you were playing instead of staring at a television all day. You would be in a completely virtual world! Continue reading

Spring Time! #74

We’re are now visiting the neighbourhood of Midtown. It’s a buzzing neighbourhood with lots going on! For example, when you visit the Midtown Public Library, you’ll get to read the youth stories about a sloth and another about a very unusual mummy roaming the town!

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It’s a New Year! #73

In the Wellington neighbourhood at Pete’s Pet Palace, there are two very interesting dogs you’ll get to meet. The first one is a super dog named Tetris! She has been specially trained to find bed bugs. Tetris and her handler work together to help families and businesses find and remove bed bugs. They keep very busy! Learn some very interesting facts about bed bugs and watch a video of Tetris on the job!

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Tom Gets the Axe!

by Levi, Age 10

Tom was a turkey. He lived a nice quiet life, on a nice quiet farm. Tom wasn’t smart, and he wasn’t dumb. But he, and all the turkeys on the farm, had a BIG problem—The Farmer! You see, the turkeys worshiped the farmer. Stupidly, they thought he was a kind loving person who loved all turkeys. The only true thing about what the turkeys thought, was that he LOVED turkey! The kind you put on a plate. Sadly, the turkeys were completely oblivious to the farmer’s secret. Continue reading

Bats, Kites & Sara

Bats are so interesting! In this photo, you see some fruit bats hanging upside down for a nap, with their wings wrapped around themselves like a cozy blanket. Their furry heads are sticking out the bottom with those signature pointed ears!

What is also very interesting is Sara’s poem about a bat, who not only likes to hang upside down but spend his night hours flying a kite! Take a read!

Ricky the Bat Flies a Kite

By Sara, Age 12

One cold winter in the middle of the night,
Ricky, the Bat, was flying his kite.

It flew higher and higher in the frozen winter air,
it pretended to be flying at a nighttime country fair.

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