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BAZOOF! has lined up its first two board books to go to the printers, and we’re looking for backers to help make that happen. A campaign has been launched on Kickstarter, and one EARLY BIRD offer remains. The last hours of the 48-hour window are ticking down, so don’t MISS OUT!

Henric Digs for Dinosaurs & Teen Weeny Fish Board Books

If you’re unsure what you’d do with children’s board books, instead you can include a few dollars to purchase books for Womens Shelfters. So the campaign can work for everyone. Here’s the link which is packed with of lots of fun details on each of the books. What makes them so unique? Click to find out!

Please share the page with friends and family. There are also some sharing links on the Kickstarter page itself. Thanks in advance for helping to make this happen!